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Livin' N dread!!! Karaoke 2nite!

Karaoke 2nite @ Sheapards on 85th Ave & Peoria(9pm to 1am)
This is what I had to deal with last week:
I can honestly say for the first time in about three month's I'm angry and mad! Justin, smash things I tell you!! Last night, this 'woman/girl' named Jazzy has accomplished something no one has done in three month's. What did she do you ask? First off, even though I get paid to host karaoke and I do my darnest to make as many as people happy as possible! But, 1. Just because, I am doing a service at your local pub does not mean you OWN ME!!! 2. Just because, you have a harem of shallow men follow, ogle, and worship you because of your short dress showing off your thong & ass does not give you a right to act in whatever manner you see fit! 3. Your karaoke rotation is the same as everyone else and not a unwilling duet with whoever is up every other songs! 4. Do not get in Conrads face and take the mike from him! Seriously, she was out of control drunk, did a pseudo striper dance to every f-word-ing song(even Cattle Call!), she was loud and inexcusably annoying, she yelled and did not sing at all! Every other song she would say "I'm up next? Right?!" All of her male friends encouraged this f'ed up behavior!!! Her general attitude is "I think I'm cute therefore, I can act any way I want!"

If anyone wants to see what it looks like when I lose my temper I would suggest you go there tonight!!!
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