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HI! Welcome to my very own community! I do hope you'll enjoy your visit to my little shrine o' de evil! I will constantly be adding more and more stuff to this community (as I get better at it...hopefully ^ ^) So please feel free to give suggestions, comments, hate mail, early Christmas lists or whatever pops up in that little noggin of yours. And remember, good doesn't always conquer evil. That is the rule...^_^

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Date Created:12-11-2000
Number of Posts: 602

Justin he is your ICON. If it is not pre-show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it either karaoke, radio, stand-up comedy, net radio, his TV show withpurplepenguin, or just being the best overall performer of all time. So, "Who's your ICON?"
Strengths: The power to rip the roof from the ceiling by just saying the word 'noise'.
Weaknesses: Runny Eggs, ring around the collar, fish, Smurfs, Smurfette, the Smurftones, Smurf Griffen.
Special Skills: Smoke generation/control, hold breath indefinitely, explodes, friction manipulation
Weapons: Ether Pitchfork, turbo Scimitar and kinetic Blades
A.K.A.: Kewl Whip, Mellow Dick Rock and "Your ICON"...

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