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In responce

Matt Yenkala wrote:
"Here are some additinal thoughts provided by a fan and longtime ROCKY
vet who was in the audience and who shall go by the name of Simon only if you have the time, they are extensive.
as much as they may sound "negative" to a degree, please do not take
them personally!!! He has seen ROCKY all over the place, been to
many conventions, and seen the best and the worst. He DOES like us,
a lot, just sees areas where we need improvement (not counting a few
things that are simply a matter of taste, like the fact he's not too
fond of you offense justin!)
3) Any fighting, no matter how mild, about the preshow after the
fact, should be done out of the theater, and not where customers can
hear it (you and Andy) -- I'm a customer too, tell me after the show
and unload but during the show let me have the illusion that everyone
loves everyone else.
11. Sound volume was weak for preshow. AMPLIFIERS!!!"
My reply:
Everybody has the right to an opinion and here's mine. I am sick of all you holier than thou, pompous, jackasses. That's it. That's all. Baby goes to sleep now. I had one of my best shows of the I ever did last week at Spectrum, that featured a tremendous perfomance, innovative creativity and an absolutely tremendous crowd. It was everything I could've asked for in a show and it was in my opinion, an off the charts performance from the cast and myself, show of the year caliber . I was so excited about being there and I can humbly state that we stole the show. The crowd was so into it that they were burned out after we went on, quiet when they went home. They ate up every bit from start to finish, and they enjoyed the hell out of it. But now I read the opinions of some of you. Many of you state that the show was very good or excellent. I agree. If you did not then you are out of luck if you're a good fan, cause it might be the best you're gonna get, jerky. That was me at my finest. BBnG at it's finest. A great 4 1/2 star performance with a tremendous build, a great crowd and an awesome show. If you didn't like it, then stop watching me and stop watching Rocky and take up bowling, cause you will never like anything I give you. I'm the first one to admit when my performance is not up to snuff, or when something was bad and I'm one of the most self critical person on the BBnG cast, but to me last week's performance was me at my finest. Didn't like it? Get the F out then and good riddance to you. For all of you that enjoyed my performance I say thanks. For those that didn't like it, I don't care cause I'm through with you. I am now finished with the negative e-mails and I'm finished with this reading them because I hate what you marks are doing. You've spoiled it for me. Your negativity is ridiculous. You all come off like a bunch of bitter know-it alls, who won't be happy with anything I give you. Nothing is ever good enough and quite frankly I'm over it. You are the same people that are saying that Attack of the Clones is boring, analyzing every little detail, instead of allowing yourselves to be entertained by it's magic. It seems that some of you wish this element of sub-culture would dry up and die, because some of you dislike EVERYTHING we do. Is it always good? No, but we are killing ourselves to try and entertain you and if you don't respect that, then fuck yourself. I want the show to be around forever and I am doing my part to keep it great and I did that last week, no matter what any of you think. Alot of the cast pander to you on their websites, asking for your input and your thoughts and I used to be one of them. Guess what? I'm not anymore. Think what you want. I don't care. Do what you want. I don't care. Respond how you want too as well, because I won't be reading. I don't give a damn about what you think anymore... One of the best Rocky cast members in the world and one of the performers in the best shows in a long time!
"11. Sound volume was weak for preshow. AMPLIFIERS!!!"
What the hell are you talking about?!?! We have a $4000 PA system that kick's anyones ass!
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